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Nedbank PocketPOS™

What is PocketPOS™?

Eugene holding a PocketPOS™ device

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) payment solution for small to medium-sized businesses that securely processes credit and debit card transactions by using a device connected to a smartphone. What makes PocketPOS™ unique is that it has been designed to accept 'CHIP & PIN' card transactions securely.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is also known as a standalone POS, card payment solutions, credit card transactions, merchant point of sale solutions and Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions which are available to Nedbank and non-Nedbank clients.


Nedbank PocketPOS™ Shuttle product



  • Top selling device in Europe & US
  • Smaller, handier device
  • Simple design
  • No risk of running out of paper/ink
  • Email functionality replaces the need for a paper receipt

Nedbank recommends the Shuttle device in line with market trends towards paperless technology

What are the benefits?

  • Easy "off-the-shelf" banking.
  • A low cost solution for non-volume based merchants.
  • An add-on to existing POS infrastructure.
  • Low-cost.
  • Easy installation on any smart device.
  • Easy sign-up.
  • Small, light and easy to carry around.

Features of PocketPOS™

  • Connection through Bluetooth to the Smartphone or tablet.
  • Excellent security on par with all other industry-approved POS solutions.
  • Full Mobility
  • Acceptance of all major "chip & pin" credit and debit cards (including American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
  • Reduced admin due to built-in reconciliation and transaction history.
  • Reduced risk of non-payment or payment delays.
  • Cost effective - saving of up to 50% on traditional card acceptance costs.

Who can use PocketPOS™

  • Plumbers
  • On-the-go traders
  • Direct sales organizations
  • Businesses without access to a fixed data or telephone
  • Merchants who want to use it as a backup device
  • Seasonal or weekend traders
  • Businesses with no current merchant facilities
  • Roaming merchants with no fixed residential address
  • Delivery and courier services

Three easy steps to PocketPOS™

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is available to Nedbank and non-Nedbank clients.

All you require is a merchant account with Nedbank. The proceeds from your transactions will be transferred into any bank account of your choice. However, to make use of Nedbank's discounted offers, you have to settle into a Nedbank Current account.

To get your PocketPOS™ in three easy steps, email the below documents to or fax to (F) 011 295 2074.

Step 1: Gather all the supporting docs

Refer to the Supporting Documentation table for the relevant supporting docs depending on your type of business.

Don't have all your information at hand? No worries, you can still continue with step 2 and submit your supporting docs to us via email quoting your reference number.

Step 2: Send in your application

You can apply right away using our online application form

Trouble with applying online? See the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3: Proof of payment*

Please note

Payment does not guarantee automatic merchant approval. Application process can not proceed until confirmation of payment for device, have been received.

Refer to the Pricing table for applicable cost of device. For the pay as you go option, payment must be made to the following Nedbank account

Account name: Merchant deposits – PocketPOS
Account number: 1665000163
Branch: Nedbank South Africa

A tax invoice will be issued to you as part of the onboarding process

* If you have already purchased a PocketPOS in store or from Nedbank, please ensure you capture your device serial number in the field on the application form before you submit.

Helpful hint: For Apple and Android devices, you create your own login details, for Blackberry devices you will receive your device and login details within 5 working days from the date of receipt of all your completed supporting documents.

Please note: If you are using an Apple/Android device, please download the app and create your login details while you wait for your device to be delivered!

Upon Receipt of your Nedbank PocketPOS™, you are two steps away from processing your first transaction!

Supported smart-phone and devices
Apple Incorporated logoiPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini BlackBerry logoOS 5, 6, 7 & 10.2.1 (and later) Android logoAll phones & tablets running Android 3 or later

Step 1: Ensure the app is downloaded to your phone/tablet

Access your applicable app store and search for "Nedbank PocketPOS™ (Only available from South African App Stores)

Step 2: Follow the instructional guide to get started

Download the instructional guide to get started or refer to the instructional video to pair, activate & start transacting

Watch these videos to get started:

Chapter 1 - Getting started with your PocketPOS™ device
Chapter 2 - The different PocketPOS™ devices available to you
Chapter 3 - Pair your PocketPOS™ device with your smartphone
Chapter 4 - Making your first transaction with your PocketPOS™ device

What documents do I need to apply for PocketPOS™?

No. Document type All Applicants Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, CC's Sole Proprietors

Banking Details

(Cancelled cheque or bank statement)


VAT Number or SARS Income Tax Number


Proof of Business Registration

(CK1, CK2, CM1, CM22, Partnership Agreement, Founding Documents)


Owner(s) proof of residential address


Proof of Business physical address

(where different to business registration address)


Certified copies of Owner(s) ID document(s)


Pay as you Go

  Pay as you go
Nedbank clients  
Availability Nedbank Current Account clients only No Nedbank current account required
Pricing structure
Device cost (rental) not applicable not applicable
Transaction cost not applicable not applicable
Insurance cost not applicable not applicable
Data cost not included not included
Out of bundle cost
Initiation fee (once-off) R 100 R 150
Over cap volume* not applicable not applicable
Over cap value** not applicable not applicable
Included in package
In bundle transactions, number not applicable not applicable
Transaction value cap, Rand value not applicable not applicable
Pay as you Go
Device cost (once off) R 2 000 R 2 500
Usage fee 3.5% of transaction value 4.0% of transaction value

Please note: Prices exclude VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Security
  3. Technology
  4. Pricing
  5. Endorsements
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Apply Online

1. General

What is Nedbank PocketPOS™?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is a mobile point-of-sale (POS) payment solution for small to medium-sized businesses that securely processes credit and debit card transactions by using a device connected to a smartphone. What makes PocketPOS™ unique is that it has been designed to accept 'CHIP & PIN' card transactions securely.

Who is the target market?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is targeted at any business that has a requirement to accept card payments without access to a fixed data or telephone line or where low frequency of card acceptance does not warrant the higher rental cost of a traditional POS device. Nedbank PocketPOS™ could also be used by businesses as a backup device or as a parallel device, eg to reduce queuing time for customers. It is very appealing to business segments where cash is still the primary method of payment or where they operate 'on the road'. This would typically include delivery, courier and home delivery services, plumbers and electricians, events, concerts and market days as well as taxis.

Why is Nedbank launching PocketPOS™?

The launch of PocketPOS™ is in line with one of Nedbank's key strategic business drivers – to provide convenience, mobility, security and ease of access to banking, anytime, anywhere. PocketPOS™ is an exciting addition to our existing suite of business products, and one of many that Nedbank is planning to introduce over the coming months as we build up to the second year of the Small Business Friday™ initiative, in association with the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC).

How does it differ from a traditional POS device?

With the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device businesses will be able to accept credit and debit card payments securely by using a smartphone, which will be connected to a secure device reader. The Nedbank PocketPOS™ is fully mobile and works by connecting the secure device reader via Bluetooth to a mobile application loaded onto a smartphone device. This allows the merchant to accept payment through the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device anytime, anywhere. As long as there is a cellphone signal, the Nedbank PocketPOS™ mobile application and secure card reader will allow transactions to be completed securely.

Does Nedbank PocketPOS™ allow for credit card payments only?

No, Nedbank PocketPOS™ allows all 'CHIP & PIN' and debit cards with PINs to be processed through the secure card reader.

What is Nedbank trying to demonstrate by launching PocketPOS™?

PocketPOS™ forms part of our continued focus on partnering businesses for growth for a greater South Africa. We believe PocketPOS™ will change the way businesses operate, allowing for mobility, convenience, ease of access and security. PocketPOS™ provides a key piece in the business puzzle, enabling business owners to do more business, anytime anywhere, and removes the risk of cash acceptance or of customers' not honouring their commitment to pay via internet banking.

How does Nedbank PocketPOS™ confirm receipt of payment?

PocketPOS™ comes in the form of two different secure card readers. The first is a small device with a secure PIN pad that requires the merchant to capture an email address into the smartphone application and, on acceptance of the transaction amount, sends a digital receipt to the captured email address. The second provides the ability to print out a physical receipt, in the same way a traditional POS device would, printing out a copy for both the merchant and consumer. Both card reader devices have a secure PIN pad for PIN entry and utilise Bluetooth technology to connect to the smartphone.

What are the main features?

  • PocketPOS™ offers business the ability to process credit and debit card transactions securely by using a smartphone.
  • PocketPOS™ is suitable for any business that has a requirement to accept card payments without access to a fixed data or telephone line or where low frequency of card acceptance does not warrant the higher rental cost of a traditional POS device.
  • Nedbank PocketPOS™ offers a consolidated view of performed transactions on the merchant's smartphone as well as access to the BackOffice system. The BackOffice system offers merchants access to a detailed view of transactions performed over a period through a web-based interface. Transaction reports can be downloaded in multiple formats.

Where can I get a Nedbank PocketPOS™ device?

Following today's launch PocketPOS™ will initially be used by a small, selected group of existing Nedbank clients and this number will be gradually increased to scale during the second quarter of 2013. Clients who are interested in this solution can, in the meantime, log their contact details on to the SimplyBiz website (

2. Security

Is Nedbank PocketPOS™ secure?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ has the same security as that mandated in conventional POS solutions. Unlike other popular MPOS systems, which offer reduced forms of authentication (swipe and signature/chip and signature), Nedbank PocketPOS™ is fully EMV-certified (CHIP & PIN) and PCI PED v3-enabled.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ uses state-of-the-art point-to-point encryption (P2PE). P2PE is a combination of secure devices, applications and processes that encrypt data from the point of interaction with the PocketPOS™ device to its end destination for transaction completion in the Nedbank secure environment.

Can my card be skimmed through Nedbank PocketPOS™?

The smartphone device used by the merchant neither collects nor transmits client details that have not been encrypted. The smartphone receives the information from the secured and certified PocketPOS™ device already encrypted, so it can be securely passed on to the bank.

How can I be sure that there isn't another application on the phone that can skim card details?

The card data is encrypted on the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device before it is transmitted to the phone. The phone is the communication transaction portal, and not the secure device. With the use of P2PE the encrypted data can be decrypted only within the bank's secure data centre environment.

How is Nedbank PocketPOS™ different from Square and iZettle?

Square is a system in the United States that uses a swipe reader to capture the card data, and the transaction is authenticated by a signature. This meets the USA regulatory requirements of the card associations as the USA market is currently not an EMV (CHIP & PIN) mandated territory.

iZettle is a Swedish system that uses a chip reader to capture the EMV card data and the transaction is authenticated by a signature, as the solution does not have the ability to capture a PIN securely and in an approved manner. The regions where iZettle operates allow this 'chip and signature' type of transaction, whereas the use of EMV with signature is not allowed in South Africa.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is unique, as it is designed to operate in territories where secure full 'CHIP & PIN' EMV compliance is mandated. To achieve this the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device uses a certified secure card reader and advanced encryption to capture and protect the card data and PIN. The certified card reader also allows for debit card (swipe and PIN) transactions.

3. Technology

Does the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device work only on smartphones?

No, the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device will connect to tablet devices or digital music players that have the ability to install and run the mobile application and connect via Bluetooth.

What are the minimum device specifications needed for using the application?

The application will run on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS6.0 or a later version. Android 3 or later. BlackBerry® will be supported shortly. Client demand will dictate any other operating systems to be launched in the future.

How does the mobile application download work and where can I find it?

During the initial stages of the rollout of PocketPOS™ Nedbank will load the mobile card acceptance application onto participating merchants' smartphones. After the pilot phase the application will be available at the Apple iStore, the Android Play Store and the BlackBerry® App World. Nedbank will secure the application enrolment process with the Approve-it™ currently deployed for the Nedbank App Suite™.

Why does the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device use a Bluetooth connection, whereas other MPOS devices are in the form of dongles plugged into the device?

The secure card reader used by the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth wireless. With the separation of the PIN and card acceptance device from the smartphone, the integrity of the transaction is maintained at all times, as the merchant retains control over capturing the amount due as well as the email address. This wear and tear is reduced by the use of a standalone Bluetooth device. Dongles are typically not as rugged as standalone devices. The security and certifications that come with Nedbank PocketPOS™ apply to ALL smartphones, regardless of their physical differences, without the need to ensure the dongle fits into the specific mobile device. Provided there is Bluetooth connectivity, the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device will connect to the smartphone.

What happens when a merchant's phone is lost or stolen?

All transactions are authorised online and stored by Nedbank prior to being batched for settlement to the merchant account at the end of the day. A full audit trail of transactions is available to the merchant via the web interface or call centre. Merchants do not run the risk of no settlement if their phones are lost, damaged or stolen.

Is there a transactional limit on PocketPOS™?

The authorisation and settlement process is no different than current POS terminals.

I have two mobile phones, can I link them both to one PocketPOS?

Yes, a PocketPOS™ can be linked to multiple phones/tablets. Each will need to be paired to the PocketPOS and linked to the same merchant account

4. Pricing

What is the pricing structure? (Refer to the pricing tab for specific details)

Nedbank will provide innovative pricing bundles for the PocketPOS™ product, which will allow clients to select the bundle that is most appropriate for their volume of business transactions. It can be upgraded from one bundle to another if transactions increase.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ will reduce the cost of card acceptance for entry-level merchants, which could save up to 50% on traditional card acceptance costs.

5. Endorsements

Is the solution endorsed by the card networks?

MasterCard, Visa and American Express® have all certified PocketPOS™ and are fully supportive of the solution, as can be seen in the following endorsements:


Philip Panaino, Division President for MasterCard in South Africa, said:

'The boom in mobile devices globally provides a huge opportunity for innovation across all industries – including payments. MasterCard and Nedbank have been focused on supporting the transformation of these devices into tools of commerce that adhere to the crucial 'CHIP & PIN' security certifications mandated by the industry.

'The Nedbank PocketPOS™ device, the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region, expands the card acceptance reach beyond the traditional card acceptance footprint in South Africa, provides merchants with a new way to receive payments and gives consumers a new, convenient and safe way to pay for their goods. We congratulate Nedbank on this landmark achievement,' he adds.


Visa Inc, which has been working closely with Nedbank ahead of today's launch, endorses PocketPOS™:

'We are pleased to support the development of solutions that enable secure card acceptance for small businesses that have not traditionally accepted cards. The Nedbank PocketPOS™ solution enables card acceptance while preserving the familiar experience of 'CHIP & PIN' and all the security benefits that it provides. We are delighted to see the arrival of services that can bring 'CHIP & PIN' out of the shop and into the hands of micromerchants. This helps extend the reach and flexibility of EMV technology and, by doing so, gives smaller retailers the chance to offer the same level of secure card acceptance that larger retailers can already do,' states Previn Pillay, Head of Acceptance for Africa, Visa Inc.

American Express®

’Nedbank PocketPOS™ is a major step forward in mobile card acceptance and provides significant opportunities for expanding acceptance of American Express® Cards in South Africa. American Express® is pleased to endorse PocketPOS™ and support Nedbank in its roll out, particularly as the focus is on enabling small businesses to accept card. American Express® initiated the Small Business SaturdaySM programme in the USA and partnered with Nedbank in South Africa to launch Small Business Friday™ in 2012, reinforcing the objective of growing small businesses,’ said Linda Ransom: Marketing Director: Africa & Digital Marketing at American Express®.

6. Troubleshooting

Trouble with the Apply online feature?

If for some reason you have challenges with the Apply Online feature due to differing reasons, like access to the Internet or bandwidth issues. No worries, as there is an alternative option for you to download the application form as well as the Merchant Agreement form.

After opening the PocketPos Application, it gets stuck in PocketPos Connecting.

This means that the PocketPOS App cannot connect to the Tallorder servers and should only happen in the IOS Application (Apple) version.

Check if you can:

  • Navigate to via their phone's browser?
  • If so then, please do a hard reboot on the phone. This happens when the PocketPos app's comms has been blocked.
  • If not, then there is a comms issue with the phone(No Data Connection or Airtime, WIFI not working)

I cannot find the PocketPos Application on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

Both Applications (Android & Apple) are configured to only be found by users registered as South Africans (Google Account & Apple Registrations). You need to have a South African Account with both Google and Apple.

After Logging in I get a Blank Screen / After logging in I get redirected to the SimplyBiz Website.

  • You may have registered on the App but have not yet been configured on the Tallorder Partner website. PocketPOS Merchant Take-on need to correct this.
  • The registered email address may not be the same as the one captured in the Tallorder Partner Website.
  • Please use the email address registered on the TallOrder website or change the email address on the TallOrder Partner Website.

My PocketPos does not charge

  • Please charge the device with a (Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia) Charger. If that does not work then the device is faulty.
  • If the battery is completely flat do not use computer or laptop to charge the device. Use a plug
  • When Plugging in the charger, does the device's LED light up? If so, then this is a battery problem and the device needs to be replaced.
  • Also, verify that you plugged in the charger correctly.

I get an error "Error Code: 255....."

Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966

Proccessed a chip card, the card holder received a SMS from the issuer stating that the transaction was Authorized but I got a "Denied" response from PocketPos.

Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966:

A Chip (EMV) transaction has two legs (Online Authorisation / Chip Card Offline Validation). This transaction may have been approved online but the Card rejected the transaction. The funds will never settle on the merchant's account, the cardholder will not be debited and the merchant should not dispatch the goods.

I have got an MB400 but it only prints the Customer Receipt.

Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966. The settings on the merchant profile have to be changed.

I can find the app on the App Store but it fails to download and install.

Please check the version of the phone's OS and compare it to the PocketPos Requirements.

Also, check if the phone has internet connectivity.

I have done my set up but I am unable to process debit or credit card transactions, why?

There could be a problem with the profile set up Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966

I am getting an "unauthorized application status.." error message when I do transactions.

The account could be inactive or suspended. Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966

I am getting one of the following error messages on my device: System Tempered, PROMPT INDEX 0007, Missing pan, ICC Error Read.

All the listed problems are hardware related, the device might need to be swapped out Please contact the Nedbank help desk on 0860 114 966.

I am getting an error saying "Duplicate Merchant Reference number".

Every transaction requires a unique reference number within a six month window period. Please use a unique reference number for each transaction or allow reference numbers to be generated automatically

I am failing to pair my device with my phone/Ipad.

Please consult Pocket POS quick set up guide , if the problem persists contact the Nedbank Help desk on 0860 114 966.

I am getting error 401 when trying to log in

  • If you are using an Android phone or Ipad please validate that you are using the correct log in details. If the problem persists contact Nedbank Help desk on 0860 114 966 to get your correct log in details
  • If using a blackberry contact the Nedbank Help desk on 0860 114 966. And inform them that you are using a blackberry your profile will be update as such

I am getting Payment server communication error.

  • This problem is related to the internet settings in your phone. Your Internet Settings will have Proxy and Port settings saved.
  • On your phone please navigate to internet settings (APN)
  • Click on the proxy and port and remove the contents of these and then save the settings. (You will be able to access the internet even though the contents for Proxy & Port are removed)
  • Alternatively contact .your service provider (Vodacom, MTN etc.) to send you the internet settings.
  • If the problem persists contact the Nedbank merchant help desk on 0861 114 966.

I have the printer device (MB400), where can I get replacement paper?

For printer paper replacement, clients can obtain it from two vendors

Vendor Contact number
Slam Paper 0800 111 070
Paper Genie 011 011 3900

Alternatively, contact the Nedbank Helpdesk on 0860 114 966

The paper roll dimensions for the MB400 is: 57mm x 25mm or 57mm x 30mm

7. Apply online

Trouble with the Apply online feature?

If for some reason you have challenges with the Apply Online feature due to differing reasons, like access to the Internet or bandwidth issues. No worries, as there is an alternative option for you to download the application form as well as the Merchant Agreement form.

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