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Nedbank PocketPOS™

What is PocketPOS™?

Eugene holding a PocketPOS™ device

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is the first EMV- and PCI-certified fully mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution designed to provide businesses with the opportunity to process debit and credit card transactions securely using a mobile POS device that connects to a smart device through Bluetooth. This low-cost solution allows businesses to now accept cards where previously they had to rely on cash or payment collections after the event.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ has a unique design to enable secure and PIN as well as magstripe and PIN card transactions.

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is also known as a standalone POS, card payment solutions, credit card transactions, merchant point of sale solutions and Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions which are available to Nedbank and non-Nedbank clients.


Nedbank PocketPOS™ Shuttle product


Nedbank recommends the Shuttle device in line with market trends towards paperless technology

What are the benefits?

  • It is a low-cost, convenient card acceptance solution.
  • You can purchase the Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device to avoid monthly rentals or rent the device at a very low cost.
  • You do not have to hand over your expensive smart device to a customer to finalise payment.
  • It promotes a paperless environment (no tally rolls are required and email functionality replaces the need for a paper receipt).
  • There are no minimum service fees.
  • There are no additional modem or SIM rental fees.
  • It is small, light and easy to carry around.
  • One Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device can be paired with multiple devices.
  • The Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device is charged in the same manner as a cellphone, therefore, it is not reliant on a fixed power source.
  • We allow clients to develop their own apps that talk directly to the Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device should they already have a mobile app on which they would like to accept card payments.

Features of PocketPOS™

  • It has the ability to assign a unique reference number to each transaction (it does not use the same reference number twice).
  • It has the ability to send a digital receipt, either by email or SMS.
  • It connects through Bluetooth to the compatible smart device.
  • It has excellent security on a par with all other industry-approved POS solutions.
  • It has full mobility.
  • It accepts all major chip and PIN credit and debit cards (ie American Express®, MasterCard and Visa).
  • It reduces administration due to built-in reconciliation and transaction history available for up to six months.
  • It reduces the risk of non-payment or payment delays.
  • It saves up to 50% on traditional card acceptance costs.

Who can use PocketPOS™

Businesses or service providers that require immediate payment on completion of the service (payment on the go) or as a backup to existing merchant facilities.

Minimum requirements to operate the Nedbank PocketPOS™ solution

In addition to obtaining the Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device, the client needs to have the following:

  • A smart device on which to download the app.
  • Access to a South African app store (Apple store or Play store). The Nedbank PocketPOS™ app is configured for download on the South African Apple iStore and the Android Play Store.
  • The application is also available on BlackBerry World.
  • The version of the operating system of the smart device must be:
  • Apple, version iOS 6.1 or later.
  • Android, version 3.2 or later.
  • BlackBerry®, version 5,6,7 and 10.2.
  • A valid email address for communication purposes and to be used to create logon credentials to the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app.

Three easy steps to PocketPOS™

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is available to Nedbank and non-Nedbank clients.

You require a merchant account with Nedbank in order to operate the Nedbank PocketPOS™. The proceeds from your transactions will be transferred into any bank account of your choice. However, to make use of Nedbank's discounted offers, you have to settle into a Nedbank Current Account.
Please ensure that a compatible smart device is available for use together with the Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device. The following operating systems are compatible with the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app:

  • Android, version 3.2 or later.
  • IOS for Apple, version 6.1 or later.
  • BlackBerry®, version 5, 6, 7 and 10.2 or later.

To get your PocketPOS™ in three easy steps, email the below documents to or fax to (F) 011 295 2074.

Step 1: Gather all the supporting docs

Refer to the supporting documentation table for the relevant supporting docs depending on your type of business.

After completing and submitting the application form, upload or email all the supporting documents to or fax them to 011 295 2074.

If you don't have all your information at hand you can still continue with step 2 and submit your supporting documents to us by email, quoting your reference number.

Step 2: Send in your application

You can apply right away using our online application form

Trouble with applying online? See the Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already purchased a Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device, please ensure you capture your device serial number in the field on the application form and indicate the correct pricing before you submit.

Step 3: Make payment*

Please note

Payment does not guarantee automatic merchant approval. The application process cannot proceed until confirmation of payment for a Nedbank PocketPOS™ PIN-entry device and all supporting documents have been received.

Refer to the Pricing table for pricing options. To purchase a Nedbank PocketPOS™ device (pay-as-you-go option), payment can be made electronically at the time of application or must be made to the following Nedbank account:

Account name: Merchant deposits – PocketPOS
Account number: 1665000163
Branch: Nedbank South Africa

A tax invoice can be issued to you upon request.

Please note: To get your Nedbank PocketPOS™ in five days, please complete/conclude your application process by submitting all the required documentation.

Upon Receipt of your Nedbank PocketPOS™, you are two steps away from processing your first transaction!

Supported smart-phone and devices
Apple Incorporated logoiOS 6.1 or later BlackBerry logoOS 5, 6, 7 & 10.2.1 (and later) Android logoAll phones & tablets running Android 3 or later

Step 1: Ensure the app is downloaded to your phone/tablet

Access your applicable app store and search for 'Nedbank PocketPOS™' (if using an Apple or Android device, please note that the app is available only from the South African stores).

Step 2: Bluetooth pairing

Pair your Nedbank PocketPOS™ device with your smart device.

Step 3: Register to trade

Select to register (NB: Do not log in as a first attempt.)

What documents do I need to apply for PocketPOS™?

No. Document type All Applicants Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, CC's Sole Proprietors

Banking Details

(Cancelled cheque or bank statement)


VAT Number or SARS Income Tax Number


Proof of Business Registration

(CK1, CK2, CM1, CM22, Partnership Agreement, Founding Documents)


Owner(s) proof of residential address


Proof of owner's residential address


Proof of Business physical address

(where different to business registration address)


Certified copies of Owner(s) ID document(s)


Pay as you Go

Nedbank PocketPOS™ upfront purchase option Pricing
Upfront device cost R1199 incl VAT
Nedbank PocketPOS™ monthly rental option Pricing
Monthly device rental fee R53 per month excl VAT
Nedbank PocketPOS™ other fees Pricing
Once-off initiation fee R114 incl VAT
Per transaction fee 2.75% of transaction value excl VAT
Other important terms and conditions Data cost and cost of smartphone or tablet not included

Correct at September 2015. Subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Security
  3. Technology
  4. Pricing
  5. Endorsements
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. For existing MB400 members only
  8. Apply online

1. General

What is Nedbank PocketPOS™?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is the first EMV- and PCI-certified fully mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution designed to provide businesses with the opportunity to process debit and credit card transactions securely using a mobile POS device that connects to a smart device through Bluetooth. This low-cost solution allows businesses to accept cards where previously they had to rely on cash or collections after the event. Nedbank PocketPOS™ has a unique design to enable secure chip and PIN as well as Magstripe and PIN card transactions.

Who is the target market?

Businesses or service providers that require immediate payment on completion of the service (payment on the go) or as a backup solution to an existing merchant facility. Nedbank PocketPOS™ can also be used to reduce queuing time for customers.

Why is Nedbank launching PocketPOS™?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is in line with one of Nedbank's key strategic business drivers to provide convenience, mobility, security and ease of access to banking anytime, anywhere.

How does it differ from a traditional POS device?

With Nedbank PocketPOS™ businesses will be able to accept credit and debit card payments securely by using the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app downloaded onto their smart device, which will be connected through Bluetooth to a secure card reader. Businesses do not require a fixed data or telephone line to transact. As long as there is cellphone reception, the Nedbank PocketPOS™ mobile app and secure card reader will allow transactions to be completed securely.
Nedbank PocketPOS™ offers a consolidated view of performed transactions on the merchant's smartphone as well as access to the iVeri BackOffice system. The iVeri BackOffice system offers merchants a detailed view of transactions performed over six months. Transaction reports can be downloaded in multiple formats.

Does Nedbank PocketPOS™ allow for credit card payments only?

No, Nedbank PocketPOS™ has the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express® magstripe and PIN or chip and PIN credit and debit cards.

How does Nedbank PocketPOS™ confirm receipt of payment?

On completion of a successful transaction a digital receipt is generated. You will then have the option to either email or SMS the digital receipt. Select to email or SMS, and enter the relevant email address or cellphone number to send the receipt to the cardholder.

Where can I get a Nedbank PocketPOS™ device?

Visit and complete the online application form or alternatively download the application form and merchant agreement. The forms and supporting documents can be sent to us by fax on 011 295 2074 or by email at We will deliver the device directly to you within five working days (subject to availability and all conditions being met). For further information please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

2. Security

Is Nedbank PocketPOS™ secure?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ has the same security as mandated in conventional POS solutions. Unlike other popular mobile POS systems, which offer reduced forms of authentication (swipe and signature/chip and signature), Nedbank PocketPOS™ is fully EMV-certified (chip and PIN) and PCI PED v3-enabled (magstripe and PIN).
Nedbank PocketPOS™ uses state-of-the-art point-to-point encryption (P2PE). P2PE is a combination of secure devices, apps and processes that encrypt data from the point of interaction with the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device to its end destination for transaction completion in the Nedbank secure environment.

Can my card be skimmed through Nedbank PocketPOS™ device or app?

There is no data compromise when using the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device and app. The smart device used by the merchant neither collects nor transmits client details that have not been encrypted. The smart device receives the information from the secure and certified Nedbank PocketPOS™ device already encrypted, so it can be securely passed on to the bank. The smart device is the communication transaction portal, and not the secure device. With the use of P2PE the encrypted data can be decrypted only within the bank's secure data centre environment.

How does Nedbank PocketPOS™ differ from devices of our competitors?

Nedbank PocketPOS™ is unique, as it is designed to operate in territories where secure full chip and PIN EMV compliance is mandatory. To achieve this the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device uses a certified secure card reader and advanced encryption to capture and protect the card data and PIN. The certified card reader also allows for debit card (magstripe and PIN) transactions.
Nedbank PocketPOS™ uses state-of-the art Bluetooth technology and, therefore, no dongle connection is needed. There is no risk of damaging your smart device through a dongle connection and you do not have to hand over your expensive smartphone to a customer to finalise payment.

3. Technology

Does the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device work only on smartphones?

No, the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device will connect to tablet devices, digital music players or iPads and Ipods (smart devices) that have the ability to install and run the mobile app and connect through Bluetooth.

What is the minimum device specifications needed for using the app?

The application will run on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS6.1 or a later version. All phones and tablets running Android 3 or later. BlackBerry® 5,6,7 and 10.2.1 (and later).

How does the app download work and where can I find it?

The Nedbank PocketPOS™ application is available for download on the South African Apple iStore and Android Play Store, as well as BlackBerry World.

Why does the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device use a Bluetooth connection, whereas other mobile POS devices connect through dongles plugged into the device?

  • With the separation of the PIN and card acceptance device from the smart device, the integrity of the transaction is maintained at all times, as the merchant retains control over capturing the amount due as well as the email address or cellphone number.
  • This wear and tear is reduced by the use of a standalone Bluetooth device. Dongles are typically not as rugged as standalone devices.
  • The security and certifications that come with Nedbank PocketPOS™ apply to all smart devices, regardless of their physical differences, without the need to ensure the dongle fits into the specific mobile device.

What happens when a merchant's device is lost or stolen?

The merchant's bank account and personal information cannot be accessed through the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device or app. Cardholder details are truncated in receipts and therefore cardholder details are protected. Merchants do not run the risk of no settlement if their smart device is lost, damaged or stolen, as the solution automatically settles at the end of the day.

Is there a transactional limit on PocketPOS™?

The authorisation and settlement process is no different than current POS terminals.

I have two cellphones. Can I link them both to one Nedbank PocketPOS™ device?

Yes, a Nedbank PocketPOS™ device can be linked to multiple smart devices. Each device will need to be paired to the Nedbank PocketPOS™ through Bluetooth. However, more than one smart device cannot process transactions simultaneously using the same Nedbank PocketPOS™ device.

My normal POS device prints settlement slips at the end of each day. What can I do for Nedbank PocketPOS™?

An advantage of using the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app is the free online reconciliation tool provided to all Nedbank PocketPOS™ merchants. Your daily reconciliation report can be accessed through a web interface called iVeri BackOffice at

4. Pricing

What is the pricing structure?

(Refer to the pricing tab for specific details)
Nedbank aims to provide innovative pricing options for the Nedbank PocketPOS™ product, allowing clients to select the option that is most appropriate for their business.

5. Endorsements

Is the solution endorsed by the card networks?

MasterCard, Visa and American Express have all certified Nedbank PocketPOS™.


Philip Panaino, Division President for MasterCard in South Africa, said:

'The boom in mobile devices globally provides a huge opportunity for innovation across all industries – including payments. MasterCard and Nedbank have been focused on supporting the transformation of these devices into tools of commerce that adhere to the crucial chip and PIN security certifications mandated by the industry.

'The Nedbank PocketPOS™ device, the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region, expands the card acceptance reach beyond the traditional card acceptance footprint in South Africa, provides merchants with a new way to receive payments and gives consumers a new, convenient and safe way to pay for their goods. We congratulate Nedbank on this landmark achievement,' he adds.


Visa Inc, which worked closely with Nedbank ahead of the launch, endorses Nedbank PocketPOS™.
Previn Pillay, Head of Acceptance for Africa, Visa Inc, says:

'We are pleased to support the development of solutions that enable secure card acceptance for small businesses that have not traditionally accepted cards. The Nedbank PocketPOS™ solution enables card acceptance, while preserving the familiar experience of chip and PIN and all the security benefits that it provides. We are delighted to see the arrival of services that can bring chip and PIN out of the shop and into the hands of micro merchants. This helps extend the reach and flexibility of EMV technology and, by doing so, gives smaller retailers the chance to offer the same level of secure card acceptance that larger retailers can already do.'

American Express®

Linda Ransom: Marketing Director: Africa and Digital Marketing at American Express, says:

'Nedbank PocketPOS™ is a major step forward in mobile card acceptance and provides significant opportunities for expanding acceptance of American Express Cards in South Africa. American Express is pleased to endorse PocketPOS™ and support Nedbank in its rollout, particularly as the focus is on enabling small businesses to accept card. American Express initiated the Small Business Saturday® programme in the USA and partnered with Nedbank in South Africa to launch Small Business Friday™ in 2012, reinforcing the objective of growing small businesses.'

6. Troubleshooting

Trouble with the Apply online feature?

If for some reason you have challenges with the Apply Online feature then download the application form as well as the merchant agreement forms and either fax them to 011 295 2074 or email them to

After opening the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app, it gets stuck in 'PocketPOS Connecting'.

This means that the app cannot connect to the servers and this should only happen on the IOS app (Apple) version.
Please call the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

I cannot find the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

All Android and Apple apps are configured to be found only by users registered as South Africans (Google account and Apple registrations). You need to have a South African account with either Google or Apple.

After logging in I get a blank screen/I get redirected to the SimplyBiz website.

  • You may have registered on the app but have not yet been configured on the partner website. PocketPOS Merchant Take-on needs to correct this.
  • The email address may not be the same as the one captured in the partner website.
  • Please use the email address you provided on the merchant application form for Nedbank PocketPOS™.
  • Contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 to verify the email address and for further assistance.

Error Codes

I am getting an error saying 'Duplicate merchant reference number'.

If this messages is displayed then the transaction has not been authorised, do not dispatch the goods. Every transaction requires a unique reference number within a six-month window period. Please use a unique reference number for each transaction or allow reference numbers to be generated automatically.

I get an error "Error Code: 255....."

Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

I am getting one of the following error messages on my device: 'System Tempered', 'PROMPT INDEX 0007', 'Missing PAN', 'ICC Error Read'.

All the listed problems are hardware related, the device might need to be swapped out. Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

I am getting 'Error 401' when trying to log in

  • If you are using an Android or Apple device, please validate that you are using the correct login details. If the problem persists, contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 to get your correct login details.
  • If you are using a BlackBerry, contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 and inform them that you are using a BlackBerry. Your profile will be updated and the login credentials emailed to you.

I am getting an 'Unauthorised application status' error message when I do transactions.

  • The account is inactive or suspended.
  • Your merchant account becomes inactive or suspended when there is no transactions processed on the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device within a 30-day period.

Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 to reactivate your account.

When I process a transaction a 'PAN 14' error is received on the smart device.

This is caused by a software issue on the Nedbank PocketPOS™ device.
Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 and you will be advised on steps to follow to send the PocketPOS™ device back to the Nedbank Merchant Warehouse.

I receive the following error after registering on the Nedbank PocketPOS™ app:
'***setObjectForKey:object cannot be nil (key:application Id)'

An error has occurred when registering your details on our server. Please call the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966 to verify that your details are captured correctly.

I had processed a chip card, the cardholder received a SMS from the issuer stating that the transaction was authorised, but I received a 'Denied' response from Nedbank PocketPOS™.

Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.
A chip (EMV) transaction has two legs (online authorisation/chip card offline validation). This transaction may have been approved online, but the POS rejected the transaction. The funds will never settle on the merchant's account, the cardholder will not be debited and the merchant should not dispatch the goods.

I can find the app on the app store, but it fails to download and install.

Please check the version of the phone's operating system and compare it to the Nedbank PocketPOS™ requirements. Also, check if the smart device has internet connectivity and data available.

I have done my setup but I am unable to process debit or credit card transactions. Why?

There could be a problem with the profile setup. Contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

My Nedbank PocketPOS™does not charge.

Please try the following:

  • Make sure you turn your device off when charging it. The device automatically turns on when you put it on charge, therefore, you need to shut it down again, by holding in the button on the left-hand side.
  • Use a wall socket to charge the device.
  • If the device is very flat, leave it to charge overnight.
  • Check that the red light on the right-hand side of the device comes on when you plug it in to charge. If it flashes, this could mean that the cable is faulty.
  • Check the power source you are charging from is 1 Amp or more (this is printed on the charger).
  • If you think the cable is faulty, then try another one (BlackBerry® or Samsung chargers also work with Nedbank PocketPOS™).
  • If the device is not charged properly, it will not connect to the phone through Bluetooth.
  • If all of the above fail, then please call the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.
    • I am failing to pair my Nedbank PocketPOS™ device with my smart device.

      Please check that your device is fully charged and then try again. If the problem persists, contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966.

      I am getting Payment server communication error.

      • This problem is related to the internet settings in your phone. Your internet settings will have Proxy and Port settings saved.
      • Please navigate to internet settings (APN) on your phone.
      • Click on the Proxy and Port and remove the contents of these and then save the settings. (You will be able to access the internet even though the contents for Proxy and Port are removed.)
      • Alternatively, contact your service provider (Vodacom, MTN, etc) to send you the internet settings.
      • If the problem persists, contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0861 114 966.

      7. For existing MB400 merchants only

      I have an MB400 but it prints the customer receipt only.

      Please contact the Nedbank Merchant Helpdesk on 0860 114 966. The settings on the merchant profile have to be changed.

      I have the printer device (MB400), where can I get replacement paper?

      For printer paper replacement, clients can obtain it from two vendors

      Vendor Contact number
      Slam Paper 0800 111 070
      Paper Genie 011 011 3900

      Alternatively, contact the Nedbank Helpdesk on 0860 114 966

      The paper roll dimensions for the MB400 is: 57mm x 25mm or 57mm x 30mm

      7. Apply online

      Trouble with the Apply online feature?

      If for some reason you have challenges with the Apply Online feature then download the application form as well as the merchant agreement forms and either fax them to 011 295 2074 or email them to

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